Plastic Sense Foundation

The Plastic Sense Foundation is a non-profit organisation that, among other activities, promotes the use and recycling of multilayer plastic packaging in line with a commitment to environmental conservation and initiatives supporting circular economy policies. With this in mind, the foundation is required to apply all its resources to fulfilling the purposes defined in its Articles of Association.
To increase understanding

Not only in the business sector to which it has direct links but also throughout the general population regarding the responsible use of resources, while also seeking to strengthen commitments to caring for the environment that should be maintained as a fundamental pillar in education and a major factor in public conduct.

To spread knowledge

To spread knowledge about the advantages of using eco-friendly multilayer plastic packaging for food and the technology that enables such packaging to be recycled among the entire population in general and among entities, institutions and companies with direct or indirect ties to the sector.

To encourage

The use of best recycling practices, as well as to support the creation of networks and synergies that enable the creation of a framework for action and collaboration between companies and institutions.

To support

To support, communicate and promote initiatives in pursuit of a circular economy related to the multilayer plastic packaging recycling sector that are implemented within the foundation’s field of action and of which the foundation becomes aware.