The 8 chapters and 41 articles that comprise the Articles of Association of the Plastic Sense Foundation contain information on the make-up of the Foundation, its goals and beneficiaries, its governance and various bodies, its economic regime, the amendment thereof, the terms for merger of the foundation with others and the terms for its liquidation.

The Board of Trustees of the Plastic Sense Foundation currently consists of three members, who all have a voice and voting rights on decision-making issues. Members are appointed for a period of four years, after which time a new Board of Trustees must be appointed. All members may be re-elected.

The Board of Trustees is currently made up by:

Serafín García Fernández, in a personal capacity.

José Raya Aguilera, in representation of Sulayr Global Service.

Rafael Castillo Lodares, in representation of Naturener.

The Executive Board of the Plastic Sense Foundation is made up by the following positions:
President. Serafín García Fernández.

First Vice-President. José Raya Aguilera

Second Vice-President. Rafael Castillo Lodares

Secretary. Lourdes Pérez-Luque