EcoSense certification certifies and recognises multilayer PET sheet manufacturers, thermoforming companies and multilayer PET sheet food packaging companies that meet the requirements established by the PS-RPM-LAM and PS-RPM-ENV procedures under ISO 17020 STANDARDS.

The advantages of this certification lead to the following:

  • It implies the collection of material via certified recycling companies and management savings.
  • It represents a saving on waste management costs.
  • It implies use of the EcoSense hallmark and issue of the corresponding certificate.
  • It strengthens environmental commitment and Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • It supports responsible use and consumption, and reduces food waste.
  • It increases the use of this packaging as the only real option for conserving food for longer.
  • It guarantees standardisation of the multilayer polymer recycling process.
  • It guarantees recycling and certifies traceability in the circular economy system of the material.
  • It implies a commitment to compliance with current regulations governing all the stakeholders involved.
  • It enables participation in circular economy projects.
  • Links with the companies certified for large retail stores and consumers, as well as with packaging companies and European associations.