The plastic sense of plastic recycling

The Plastic Sense Foundation is a non-profit organisation that, among other activities, promotes the use and recycling of multilayer plastic packaging in line with a commitment to environmental conservation and initiatives supporting circular economy policies. With this in mind, the foundation is required to apply all its resources to fulfilling the purposes defined in its Articles of Association.Raising awareness about the use and recycling of multilayer polymers, as well as research, training and information in the field, the spread of best practices and the implementation of circular economy models, form the basis for all its actions. For this reason, it has developed a series of R&D+i projects and established a recycling standardisation process for these materials (Ecosense). The main objective for the foundation is to work on communicating the advantages of using and recycling these materials and passing on the concerns expressed by the sector to the competent bodies at either a national or supranational level in order for lines of action to be established (with the aim of creating or amending regulations) that will be capable of encouraging the use and recovery of multilayer polymers. It also aims to design and promote eco-innovation and eco-design projects with these materials to improve their recycling potential.

To generate interest

To generate interest in research, development and innovation in technologies and methods for multilayer plastic packaging recovery.

To support

To support the initiatives undertaken by research teams working on new multilayer plastic packaging recycling systems or the design thereof for improving recycling effectiveness through various support methods: economic (grants), training or consultancy.

To provide

To provide resources available to the Foundation for helping to improve, innovate, develop or research projects in line with the eco-design and recovery of multilayer plastic packaging.

To defend

To defend eco-friendly multilayer plastic packaging recycling initiatives, as well as other related activities that – in compliance with current legal frameworks – enhance the environmental commitment made by the public, companies, entities and institutions of a public and private nature, and that guarantee achievement of the main goals of a circular economy: reuse, repurposing and recycling; in short, giving value to what was previously considered as waste.

To encourage

To encourage the use of best recycling practices, as well as supporting the creation of networks and synergies that enable the creation of a framework for action and collaboration between companies and institutions.

To inform and train

To inform and train the public, as well as entities and institutions requiring information and training on the activity undertaken by the Plastic Sense Foundation, regarding sectoral data, actions, initiatives and methodologies in line with the circular economy principles promoted by the European Union within the multilayer plastic packaging sector.

To support

To support, communicate and promote initiatives in pursuit of a circular economy related to the multilayer plastic packaging recycling sector that are implemented within the foundation’s field of action and of which the foundation becomes aware.

To spread knowledge

To spread knowledge about and foster the advantages of using eco-friendly multilayer plastic packaging for food and the technology that enables such packaging to be recycled among the entire population in general and among entities, institutions and companies with direct or indirect ties to the sector.