Within the framework of efforts to raise awareness about, support, defend and spread knowledge about the Plastic Sense Foundation and in the spirit with which the same has been consolidated, Plastic Sense is working on the development and planning of a series of lines of action, projects and programmes capable of helping to launch new working guidelines aimed at improvements and new developments that will enable a more effective multilayer materials recycling system that involves the various stakeholders in the sector and allows knowledge to be spread regarding the advantages currently offered by barrier packaging.

At present, the three lines of action launched by the Foundation are: Project Origin; Project Sheet to Sheet; and the Plastic Sense Programme. These projects seek developments and research in the field of multilayer plastic packaging use and recycling. More information is provided below.

Project Origin

ORIGIN is the multilayer plastic packaging eco-design project that encompasses the development of R&D+i projects aimed at incorporating new procedures and materials into the manufacture of complex sheets for food packaging use capable of facilitating and increasing the efficiency of subsequent barrier packaging recycling processes. Knowing the factors that can improve the recycling of these materials will enable the design of materials that are intended for recycling from the moment they are created. Hence, working groups will be set up in which packaging recyclers can collaborate with the development teams from the various stakeholders involved in the project to establish common guidelines and factors that will define the development of 100% sustainable packaging (manufactured for recycling).

Project Origin is based at the Development and Action Department of the Circular Economy Laboratory of Ecoembes in La Rioja (Spain). The goal of the project is to establish synergies between companies from various sectors creating partnerships, building circular economy models for implementing R&D+i projects aimed at developing innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable packaging that is designed with materials that can be recycled. This project aims to ensure that nothing is produced that cannot be recycled.

The various stakeholders at which this project is targeted can get involved in the following:
– Recycler R&D+i teams
– Sheet producers
– Glue and adhesive manufacturers
– Machinery manufacturers
– Universities and technology institutes
– Distributors and retailers

Project Sheet to Sheet

SHEET TO SHEET is a complex sheet circular economy project that seeks to create a system through which this material can be reincorporated into the sheet manufacturing process after it has been recovered, separated via the multilayer packaging recycling procedure and converted into flakes. Hence, sheet plastic will become sheet plastic again without introducing materials from other types of packaging (such as bottles).

The goal of this project is to ensure greater control over all the material used in the recovery process, for processes to become more flexible and efficient, to widely standardise the materials used and to establish the highest possible levels of quality for recovered flakes.

The project is currently at an experimental stage and is being supported by Bandera, an Italian manufacturer of machinery for plastic recycling, as well as various glue industries.

Participating stakeholders can become involved in the following areas:
– Recycler R&D+i teams
– Sheet producers
– Glue and adhesive manufacturers
– Machinery manufacturers

Plastic Sense Programme

The purpose of the Plastic Sense Programme is to provide information on the existence of barrier packaging: what it is, why it is important and what role it plays in our society. It is also aimed at communicating the environmental commitment of the companies forming part of the programme and raising awareness in the general public so people take part in the specific initiatives that will be promoted through advertising campaigns, promotional activities, information points and information on packaging.

It is an initiative stemming from the Plastic Sense Foundation and being implemented by food retailers at points of sale. It is aimed atEconsumers and seeks to provide information on how to identify multilayer plastic packaging and its usefulness in society.

The Foundation is working with food retailers and distribution companies taking part in Project Origin to develop new multilayer packaging based on recycled materials that are, in turn, also made from multilayer plastic in order to inform consumers about the importance of responsible shopping and involve them in a circular economy model based on the recycling of this packaging.

The stakeholders involved in this programme are:

Plastic Sense Foundation > coordination
Tray manufacturers > EcoSense certificates
Food packaging companies > EcoSense certificates
Retailers (large retails stores) > active stakeholders
Consumers > target audience